Zhongzheng Excavator Maintenance Factory was established in 2005 and is located in the sales and distribution center of construction machinery in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province. The company has a sales department for main machines, a parts department, a technical service department, a hydraulic repair department, a comprehensive department, a finance department, and a debt department. It also has distribution agency points throughout the country, and its business radiates to various parts of the country.

Zhongzheng Excavator Maintenance Team is a professional manufacturer specializing in repairing various imported excavators and solving difficult problems for the Chinese market. Since its establishment, the team has established alliances and comprehensive cooperation with well-known enterprises such as Kawasaki Hydraulic, Kobe Steel, Komatsu, and Carter, Hitachi, Volvo, Sumitomo, Shingang, Katen, Hyundai, Daewoo, Keith, Kato, Liebherr in Japan. We always adhere to the corporate philosophy of quality first and technology based on people, and have gained the support and trust of a large number of users. The team is based in southern China and faces the whole country. Key difficulties include: high water temperature, walking alone, jamming, hydraulic pump shaking, lack of force, no action, slow action, hydraulic pump making noise, weakness, holding, high oil temperature, jamming, arm drop, jamming, engine black smoke, inability to burn engine oil, high engine exhaust, slow walking, weak walking, slow heating action, and circuit faults. Engine, hydraulic pump, circuit, multi way distribution valve, computer board, rotary motor, walking motor, large arm, middle arm, small arm, etc. For some damaged high-precision accessories that are difficult to purchase in the market, our factory uses secondary reconstruction technology to restore their function and achieve the purpose of reuse. Since its establishment in 2005, there have been over 10000 successful cases of excavator maintenance, with 15 years of experience in excavator maintenance by regular workers. Regular workers have over 20 professional hydraulic maintenance engineers who have received professional system training from manufacturers in Germany, the United States, Japan, Italy, and other countries. They have a high professional level in the theoretical and practical maintenance of imported construction machinery hydraulic systems. The professional excavator maintenance and testing equipment worth 3 million yuan, including the "excavator hydraulic pump debugging platform, hydraulic valve comprehensive experimental platform, and computer board debugging platform," aims to provide more accurate testing data, faster maintenance services, and more refined technical support for everyone!

Our Advantage: 5-star Service

"Jing", "Jian", "Cheng", "Kuai", "Xin"

Proficient: Proficient in technology; Having a large number of imported excavator repair technicians;

Tip: Equipment tip; Equipped with the most advanced hydraulic debugging platform and other professional maintenance equipment in China;

Sincerity: honesty is the foundation; Li Chuang, the first excavator maintenance brand in South China;

Quick: 1 day quick maintenance; Proficient in excavator construction can quickly solve problems;

Letter: We implement contracted maintenance to ensure the repair effect for consumers.

Introduction to Maintenance Equipment at Zhenggong Maintenance Plant:

A maintenance team composed of experts in hydraulic systems, engines, chassis, electrical and mechanical processes, with strong technical strength, equipped with an imported microcomputer hydraulic debugging bench. This debugging bench matches hydraulic power, flow rate, pressure, torque and other soft parameters through positive and negative calibration of hydraulic pumps

The debugging content is divided into: single pump cut-off and dual pump confluence debugging; Branch debugging of discrete pumps, dual pumps, integral pumps, and inline pumps; Total power and sub power debugging; And through the debugging of the multi way distribution valve, the pressure of the main safety valve, secondary valve, jet valve, and straight travel can be reset

In addition, for some excavators with old models and difficult to purchase accessories, reasonable modifications can be made to enable these excavators to continue creating economic benefits. In addition, for irreparable hydraulic cylinder walking and rotary reducers, they can be customized according to technical requirements or supplied in stock

Introduction to the Parts Group of the Zhenggong Maintenance Factory:

The three hydraulic parts companies under our management have various brands of hydraulic parts and common excavator chassis, as well as new and old pumps, valves, motors, and engine assemblies. We have a large inventory, complete range, discounted prices, and guaranteed quality. In addition, we can provide accessories of different grades and prices according to users' different requirements to meet their different needs

A detailed introduction to the frequent maintenance of excavator faults in Zhenggong Maintenance Factory in recent years:

Excavator burns engine oil, excavator water temperature is high, excavator whole vehicle movement is slow, excavator is holding (holding), excavator walking is weak, excavator stops, excavator cannot start, excavator hydraulic oil temperature is high, excavator boom is weak, excavator walking is unilateral, excavator movement is slow, excavator emits black smoke, excavator emits blue smoke, excavator emits white smoke, excavator arm drops, excavator bucket movement is slow, excavator engine noise is abnormal The excavator has rich practical maintenance experience in common excavator faults such as not being able to start, large smoke in the excavator, high water temperature in the excavator, slow action, inability to lower the excavator arm, difficulty in starting the excavator during cold driving, suffocation during excavator walking, and slow action of the excavator. It can quickly and accurately identify the cause of the fault and repair it

A detailed introduction to the excavator models frequently repaired by Zhenggong Maintenance Factory in recent years:

Carter excavator: 320D, 320DL, 324D, 324DL, 329D, 336D, 312D, 307D, 320C, etc

Komatsu excavator: PC30, 60, 120, 130, 200, 220, 300, 360, PC400, 450, -5, -6, -7, -8, etc

Shensteel excavator: SK25/30/SK200-6E/SK230-6E/SK330/SK160LC, SK170LC, ED190, ED150, SK450, SK250LC, SK850LC, etc

Liebherr excavators: A914, A924, R313, R317, R900, R924, R954, R964, R974, etc

Daewoo (Doosan) excavator: DX340LC, DH420LC-7, DX190W, DH258LC-7, DX210W, DH225-7, etc

Modern excavators: R210W-7, R190LC-5, R170LC-5, R200W-3, R265LC-9, R335LC-9, R140W-7, etc

Hitachi excavators: EX120/220/300, ZX180LCN-3, ZX240/270, ZX330/350, etc

Volvo excavator: EC460B, EC360B, EC290B, EC240B, EC210B, EC140B, etc

Sumitomo excavator: SH460HD-5, SH200LC-3, SH80-3B, SH240-3, SH75U, SH330LC-3, etc

Kato excavator: HD1250V, HD1023-LC, HD1880V-LC, HD1430-LC, HD550V, HD513MR, etc

Case excavator: CX75MSR, WX240, CX160B, WX185, CX80, CX290B, CX135SR, etc

Zhongzheng Hydraulic Excavator Maintenance Factory

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5. [Regular worker] Rush to the site for resolution within 24 hours within 500 kilometers, and rush to the site for resolution within 36 hours beyond 500 kilometers. Any matters not covered shall be resolved through consultation between both parties!

6. [Zhenggong] has professional excavator maintenance and testing equipment such as hydraulic pump debugging platform, hydraulic valve comprehensive experimental platform, computer board debugging platform, etc., which can quickly repair various difficult and miscellaneous problems of excavators!

7. [Regular worker] The fee is cheap. Our fee standard is 40% cheaper compared to official maintenance!

8. Fifteen years of experience in excavator maintenance, and the maintenance technology is worthy of your trust!

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